A new life in Maremma

Despite the Florentine origin, our connection with Maremma comes from far away, when, in the early '80s, Giuliano and Patrizia with the little Marco chose it as a holiday destination, a camping as a starting point for wonderful excursions by boat that took us to explore this corner of Tirreno far and wide, up to Corsica. It was in the early 90s that this land has become something more for us with the purchase of a rather crumbling house and a few acres of land around, a hundred olive trees from which we immediately started to produce extra-virgin olive oil. In 1997, Marco, student in literature, becomes a farmer and for the first few years we have produced, in addition to oil, tomatoes for sauce, strictly hand-picked under the hot August sun. From the beginning we have chosen to adhere to the methods of organic farming, and in 1997 were very few companies, especially in this area, which had made this choice! For us it was a bit a way of life, at the beginning what we produced was consumed mainly by us, so we wanted to be sure to get healthy products and organic method is the only one that provides this guarantee.

Meanwhile we started to renovate the house, in which we have reserved an apartment for the new agrituristic activity (closed in 2015 for family needs), not a country hotel, but a little corner in which to offer relaxation and friendship to all those who wish to "taste" a little of Maremma life, by leveraging our great location to discover, besides the wonderful sea we see every day from home, the beautiful villages that surround us: Magliano in Toscana, Pitigliano and the other città del Tufo, but also Siena, Rome and our Florence, which you can easily reach to spend a delightful day in their beauty. Since then, many friendships are born and remain still, with families who come to spend a few weeks every year in this corner of Maremma.

In 2001 we set up the first parcel of vineyard, sangiovese, merlot and cabernet the grape varieties we selected, followed a few years later by the installation of the second particle, which led to two hectares the total area of vineyards and in which, in addition to our beloved Sangiovese, we decided to plant alicante, a legacy of the Spanish dominion (Stato dei Presidi, 1557-1801).

Even the olive grove has been implemented, and today we have about 1000 plants in production. In 2003, the last structural interventions, with the construction of the cellar, completely underground, topped by the tasting room and a technical room designed for the processing of products, which since 2009 hosts our olive press. With these structures, we were able to close within the company our two main production chains, wine and oil.

We also introduced the cultivation of saffron, which we collect and dry in the company, a small production that however requires a lot of work, especially during the flowering period (October); we are grower and custodian of a very local variety (Pari ecotype). Since 2012, we have also begun to take full advantage of the 7 hectares of arable land, in which we have started to produce cereals and legumes, choosing those old varieties that were once very common in the area, and give excellent products, but for market reasons have been somewhat neglected in recent years.

In the meantime, the family has grown, even Marco's wife Claudia left Florence, and in 2011 arrived Matteo, the first “Maremma Toscana DOC” member of the family.

In June 2017 we obtained the authorization for new vineyards and we will start the works for planting it during the summer 2018.